Proper Keyword Density

Many search engine optimization gurus believe that proper keyword density is important while formulating the keywords for optimizing content. The
keywords should depict what is going to be said in the mentioned article. It
should be also be made sure that the content of the article is in harmony with
the title keywords, otherwise proper keyword density might not help.

There are diverse views regarding the proper density of keywords in
the eyes of different search engine optimization experts.

According to Sean Si, who belongs to SEO hackers explains that it
has been observed that the different keywords density is favored by different
search engines, for example while working with the Google, it is seen that it
prefers the keyword density of one to two percent, while with yahoo, the
keyword density that gets favored is 3 percent. So, it appears that density
should be formulated keeping the search engine in mind.

If a proper keyword density has been calculated and words selected properly,
Aaron Wall from the SEO book believes that it then becomes important to use
those keywords wisely in your article. There is high probability that your
article will get listed among the top searches of a search engine, if you are
incorporating those keywords in the start of your article.

SEO Moz’s Rand Fishkin explains that using your keywords a few
times in the article provides you about eighty to ninety percent optimization.
But according to him, link building is more valuable while you are having
competitive search in mind.

It is also of special value to know when and where to use that
keyword in your article, avoid too much jumbling and incomprehensible sentences
that unwisely state the keywords. So the conclusion is that with the proper
keyword density, it is utmost important to incorporate these in a sensible
manner and number in an article.

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