Leverage online for livestock transactions

Going to the livestock market to get a look and feel of the cattle you wish to buy has become passé. Now is the age of the internet so why not use it to the maximum and even get to buy and sell cattle through it. Sounds fantastic, but that’s how it’s increasingly happening these days. Eminent livestock farmers post classifieds on the internet and wait for prospective buyers and sellers who will call, based on the criteria they are looking for. You only have to remember that this is a first come first served deal therefore, the price you see for an item today is on offer only for today and you can buy livestock online at a different price, when you return another day. Since there’s no room for bargain, this works out well for both buyer and seller.cattle


How do I decide what to buy?

This is a valid question. Before investing money on livestock you’ve never seen and touched can be risqué. So what’s the way out? The way out is exactly where you started your journey: the classifieds. Classifieds that showcase livestock online are detailed to a dot. If you want, the advertiser will even let you know what kind of vaccines a bovine has had in its lifetime. For the extremely finicky, there’s often a helpline or a live chat session where you can get all your questions answered. And if you are still not satisfied, not only can you call the owner, but if you’re lucky, you will also be treated to pictures and real time visuals of livestock you are about to invest in.

Why put livestock online?

The answer is simple, really. Big cattle breeders don’t often have the time to travel to places of cattle or livestock sale and auction. In such scenarios the online equation works fine. If you are interested in an auction, all you need is go to the website, check out the features of the item that interests you and bid. If the bid goes through, you will receive an email notification. If it doesn’t, you will have to let it pass so it’s sold to the highest bidder. But if you are the seller of livestock online you will have to sell to the highest bidder.

With online showcasing, buying and selling of livestock, people don’t have the option to change their mind. As soon as confirmations are received from both parties, funds are transferred electronically, signalling the close of the sale or purchase. Finally, people that choose the internet to conduct their business are forever eager to know how they’ve been doing. So once you check out the website, or details of livestock online, you can leave feedback or suggestions to improve the quality of the transaction.

Is it safe to consider doing livestock business online?

Once again, this is a valid question and it’s one that should be asked by serious minded businessmen. There is always some doubt regarding what you are about to receive when the stuff that you’re about to buy is showcased in the screen where you are not able to touch and feel it. But rest assured all livestock that feature online are tested for health and temperament issues. Only after that is a detailed portfolio posted to help the buyer make up his mind. Sellers on the other hand play it safe by posting classifieds of genuine products as they don’t want to go out of business for selling or advertising low quality cattle. Online transactions for livestock are hence gaining momentum as it saves people trips to the hot and dusty market.

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