Criteria for selecting Child custody lawyer in Wilmington NC

There are certain things in life where the difference between a good or bad decision is huge and so are the resulting consequences in that particular scenario. Finding or hiring a child custody lawyer in Wilmington NC is not an easy decision to make and following are some of the qualities that you should look for in the child custody lawyer that you are looking to work with.

Reference and Feedback

The first thing in the search for any lawyer is that you should try to go for those options which are referred to by close family and friends who may have had past experience with them. If your references hold good opinions of these lawyers then you should move onto the next step. In case you are having trouble with references the second way to about things is to search for options through yellow pages and online directories. Look for customer feedback too for a more refined search.


The child custody lawyer in Wilmington NC should have the appropriate knowledge that is required to handle critical cases. He must have a deep know-how of the law, the magistrate and judges and also the opposition. Knowledge is one very important metric when it comes to selecting a good lawyer.


Experience counts. Lawyers with past experience in handling cases that are similar to yours should be given higher preference. All good lawyers are experienced and no how to take care of intricacies that may develop during the proceedings of a case. Irrelevant experience with respect to your case may not be helpful and search for the right lawyer should continue unless you find the right person for your case.

The above mentioned are the metrics that people should use when looking to hire a child custody lawyer for yourself.

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