Ecuador Cities: Retiring In Cuenca & the Cuenca Ecuador Real Estate market

Why Cuenca is one of the top cities to retire in

Ecuador Cities: Retiring In Cuenca & the Cuenca Ecuador Real Estate market

When people
are looking at Ecuador cities to retire in, one of the first
recommendations that they will get is Cuenca. This city is one of the
top retirement havens in the country and an article from ABCNews
report that there is an estimated 40,000 American expats in Cuenca in
2013. The number just keeps on growing and it pays to know why this is
the choice of retirees as their retirement destination. Cuenca Ecuador Real Estate
as well has continued to remain an opportunity market for expats as
prices remain affordable even though they continue to appreciate. This
mean Cuenca Ecuador Real Estate represents a solid investment market
that can be entered into at the right time.

The city
that lies on the Andes Mountains is home to around half a million
people. The scenic views and the low cost of living are only among the
reasons why people from all over the world flock this city.

When you
are retiring in any place, your major concerns include your budget,
fitting in and the availability of amenities and services that is vital
for a retired individual. Fortunately for you, these and more can be
found in Cuenca. For more on the Cuenca Ecuador Real Estate listings,
you can see here as well:

Why Cuenca is one of the top cities to retire in

First time
visitors of Cuenca are usually captivated by the scenic views first. The
mountain views in this highland city is just breathtaking. Unlike the
coastal cities, it is a lot more chilly in this part of the country but
when the sun is out, the climate is just as warm.

Being the
third largest among the Ecuador cities, you can expect that it can offer
you the modern amenities that you would require as you live out your
senior years. In the past, the first few retirees say that you can live
comfortably for $600 a month in this city. The slow and steady arrival
of retirees from other countries have changed that. The costs have gone
up since then but do not fret because it is still quite affordable. In
fact, it is said that you can live quite comfortably for less than
$1,500 in Cuenca. If you are more frugal, you can slash this number
further. That even includes paying for household help that can take care
of some of the tedious chores that you hated doing around the house.

is one of the primary concerns of retired individuals and you should be
happy to know that this place has one of the highest standards in the
country. But despite that, the cost is not too high. A doctor’s
appointment will only cost you $20 and even house calls will only cost
$30 to $40. Minor and major operations is also not cost as much as it
will in your homeland. And those who have reported to have an operation
in Cuenca is satisfied with the result and the treatment that they

Since Cuenca is one of the biggest Ecuador cities, you can expect that the living arrangements for the Cuenca Ecuador Real Estate
market will be a bit more costly compared to other places in the
country. But despite that, you can still consider them to be quite
cheap. A fully furnished penthouse can be rented for $700 per month. A
simple apartment for two, also fully furnished can be as low as $400 a
month. The more luxurious the home, the more you have to pay for its

The same is
true for properties for sale in the Cuenca Ecuador Real Estate market.
Depending on where you are looking, you can find great properties for
less than $150,000. A 3 bedroom home in a small gated community can cost
less than $100,000. A townhouse can cost $120,000 and so does a 4
bedroom home. It all depends on where you will specifically reside in
the city.

In terms of
your lifestyle, the presence of the state and municipal office in the
city makes everything quite convenient. You have a lot of restaurants
that range from fine dining to the more casual hang out restaurants. A
meal can only cost you around $2-$3. Theaters, the orchestra and other
festivals happen quite often and they will make you feel the rich
culture of Ecuador. If you do not like to buy your own vehicle, a
regular taxa will cost you $1.50 to $2.50. Most of the establishments
are easily accessible so you can find that a lot of expats do not own a
car. They love to walk anyway and since it is good for your health, this
could be your choice of transportation too.

The culture
in most Ecuador cities is very rich and this is what retired
individuals would love to explore. It is actually listed as a UNESCO
World Heritage Trust Site because there are a lot of historical
buildings that are still standing.

You will
love the people living in this city because they are family oriented and
live in a leisure pace. It is common for workers to go home to eat
lunch with the family and then go back to work in the afternoon.

Among the
Ecuador cities, Cuenca has that perfect mixture of history, culture and
modernism. It is worth exploring is you are still looking for a place to
retire in.

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