Making of rings and bands made up of Tungsten

A lot of accessories are like by women as well as males sometimes. Most of them are made up of different metals that include silver, gold, tungsten, etc. A lot of times, there is artificial jewelry and other accessories are also used and liked. But particularly at the event of weddings or engagements, the rings or bands that are used are usually supposed to be made of some good metal. For example there are Tungsten wedding bands and rings, gold rings, diamond rings, etc. that are very famous and liked in the present era.

downloadMaking of Tungsten rings and Bands (The process)

Tungsten is oftentimes used as Tungsten carbide for making Tungsten wedding bands, rings etc. for making it a bit more durable. For this, Tungsten as well as carbon are ground until they take the form of a fine powder. After that they are pressed very hard under a pressure that is very high by making use of molds, etc. The next step is to bake them under fire. The process takes place in a furnace. There is a requirement during the process and i.e. no oxygen should be able to go into the furnace (otherwise it will react chemically and the desired product will not be obtained). The temperature is supposed to be 6000 F or so. This is known as sintered. As a result of this, a ring that is blank is formed of the metal which is hardest.

More about the process

After the formation of ring blank, it is possible to cut it by hand and polish it according to your choice by making use of a lot of different tools that are used for such purpose; these tools are called poly crystalline tools of diamond, abrasives of diamond, etc. For cutting as well as polishing the Tungsten wedding bands and rings, or the rings made of Tungsten carbide something is to be used that is supposed to be stronger than the metal of Tungsten and that is diamond of course. There are a lot of different types of steps, may be thirty that are used for the process. All the process is similar and close to the process for the cutting as well as the polishing of the element diamond itself.

The result is that Tungsten wedding bands are obtained which are supposed to be shiny but decent in look. The shine of the bands is such that it can never be faded for a very long period of time and this is one of the best things about it. The other metals that are used for making rings and bands are not that much hard so they can be scratched in an easier way and can be faded which is not supposed to be appreciable at all.

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