Rent a Home in Ecuador

Manta is a city in Ecuador and it is primarily located in the ManabĂ­ province, it is considered the second most populated city of the ManabĂ­ province. The city is well known for tourism and beautiful visiting spots; however the Manta, Ecuador’s real estate is also very popular throughout the world.

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Manta, Ecuador’s real estate: (Rental Laws)

As a person who wants to rent a home in Ecuador then you must be very much pleased to know that the rental laws of this particular city as well as throughout Ecuador are very friendly, some of these laws are as follows

  1. The maximum length of the rental contracts is one year, however one always has the liberty to ask for a rental contract of two years, one good thing for the person paying the rent is that once the contract is being made then after that the rental rate cannot be increased, raising the rent can cause trouble for you as in that case the person paying the rent can lodge a complaint against you
  2. The validity of the contract is very much dependent upon the notarization.Manta, Ecuador’s real estate
  3. The security deposits can always take place however it should only be worth 2 month rents, the second important thing is that this particular amount cannot be kept by the landlord rather it should be sent to the registration office

These were some of the major laws related to the Manta, Ecuador’s real estate, apart from the mentioned rules and regulations there are many other laws as well which make renting a property in Ecuador very much easy for you and your family, the other laws can easily be searched by you through Google or any other search engine, so if you want to get a home on rent then do so.