PR Firms: How to hire them?

The PR for law firms in London usually depends on the external PR agencies. The reason is that a Law Firm is different from any other contemporary firm and business. A good PR is very much necessary for a law firm as it creates the firm’s better image in the eyes of the clients. Many Law firms find application of PR tactics very difficult. In order to cope with this difficulty they hire an external PR agency for themselves which carries out their promotional and image building activities.

Sometimes these Law Firms suffer greatly as a result of hiring a wrong external PR agency. Hiring a wrong PR agency can really damage the law firm big time as it results in waste of investment and time. However in this article we will be sharing some tips which Law Firms can apply. These tips will help them in choosing the PR agency which is not only experienced but also effective as well. These tips are discussed in the heading below.

PR for law firms in London: Agency Selection Tips:

  • First of all identify your own company culture, see whether your law firm is bureaucratic in nature or is more entrepreneurial. Once you identify your culture successfully then after that check whether the same culture exists in the PR agency which you are hiring. Maintaining the strategic fit is very much important for you. For successful PR for law firms in London, identification of culture is very important.
  • Secondly you must decide whether you be hiring an agency which falls under the category of specialty firm or general services firm. The decision can be pretty tough for you. Our personal recommendation is that you should go for specialty firm as they will be able to understand your business dynamics and problems in a better way. Specialty firms have good contacts as well.
  • Before you hire an external Agency it is always better that you get some information about their past performance. You must also try to check what the agency’s reputability in the market is. Going for an agency which has a positive word of mouth associated with it is always a wise decision.
  • Before you hire an external PR agency, ask them about the contacts of their clients. Many good PR agencies give their client’s contact to their customers. You can always meet these clients and ask them about the performance of the PR agency and their services.


If you are a law firm then the above mentioned tips can be very helpful for you. Applying these tips is no rocket science and you can easily utilize these tips for your advantage. You are thinking wise as far as external PR agency is concerned, however if you don’t follow the tips mentioned above then you may end up in a very sorry state. If you want a good return on investment then choose the agency which meets the above mentioned criteria.